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Best Resources For Finding Hot Niches

There are many resources on the internet to help you find those up-to-date, hot and happening niches.

Evergreen niches are always the best for long term profit, but if you want to cash in fast it is a good thing to keep up with the latest trends.

I have compiled a list of some of the best resources you can use…

Google Trends

Google Trends

This is probably the most well known place to go to find trending niches.

For example, I typed in “diet” then narrowed by search by clicking on the far right tab to include only those results from 2012 and the “Dash” diet came up as the most popular trend.

Amazon New Releases

Amazon.com Hot New Releases

Amazon updates hourly their bestselling new and future releases.


Twitscoop - Stay On Top Of Twitter

Twitscoop has a great hot trends section so you can see what people are tweeting about most.

News Whip

NewsWhip - News Worth Sharing

News Whip is a live guide to the news stories getting shared on social networks. It is updated every minute of every day, showing you what’s trending right now.

Wiki Stats

WikiStats - Wikipedia Trend In Real Time

Wiki Stats will give you real time statistics on Wikipedia edits. It will give you lots of ideas about whats popular on Wikipedia.

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