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Why Choose WordPress For Blogging?

One of the main advantages of WordPress is that you are in total control. Unlike remote-hosted scripts such as Blogger and Live Journal,  WordPress is hosted on your own server, which in my opinion is the only way to blog. Installation is very simple and it is extremely easy to configure. Unlike other software programs, there isn’t a million files to to change permissions on or dozens of templates to edit just to get your site set up and looking the way you want.

Here are the top 10 reasons why WordPress is the best blogging platform to use:

1. WordPress is Open Source and Truly Free

WordPress is completely free for you, forever.  WordPress doesn’t start charging when you hit a certain size, nor does it close off any of its code to you.  This is probably most important elements of the success of WordPress.org

2. The Functionality Of Plugins

Other platforms offer plugin functionality, but with WordPress implementation of plugins is so much smoother. Plugins can allow you to add great photo galleries, sliders, shopping carts, forums, maps, optimization (this is what we need to create a profitable blog) plus much more.  There’s a searchable, one-click install directory of plugins, it’s like an App store for WordPress.

3. Visual Editor

The user-friendly backend of WordPress is probably what made it so famous in the first place.  It is so easy it is just like using Word. Posts can be created using a visual editor or HTML.

4. Easily Add A Blog To Your Site

With WordPress the default configuration is for the home page to be a blog.  With categories, tags, threaded commenting, gravatars, easy theming, widgets, fantastic moderation controls, anti spam solutions, and plugins, you can’t find a better blog solution.  Adding a blog to a WordPress site is a great way to attract and involve visitors, and to keep Google paying attention.

5. So Many Themes To Let You Style Your Site

It is easy to make very beautiful and successful sites by using pre-existing themes and doing customizations from there.  At WordPress.org there are hundreds of themes to choose from, completely free. I personally recommend buying a premium theme as you can be sure there are no bugs to cause you problems, but it is entirely up to you. My favorite themes include those found at Woo Themes and Solostream. What makes it even better is themes are independent from your content, so you can edit or swap out themes at any time and keep your content in place as it is.

6. Easy To Install

WordPress is very easy to install with it’s famous “5 Minute Installation” guide. It can take 5 minutes to install if you are handy with your web servers and it won’t take much longer than that for newbies.

7. Easy To Keep WordPress Secure

WordPress is easy to update for security and new features.  When a new version is available, WordPress will give you an easy link for a one-click upgrade.  Remember to back up your blog before doing an install in case something goes wrong.  Do a search for backup plugins to help.

8. Google Loves WordPress

Using WordPress for your blog helps you achieve better search results with Google. There are some great free plugins such as the All-In-One SEO Pack and Google XML Sitemaps that help the SEO optimization of your blog, but even without these plugins your site will be naturally attractive to Google.

9. WordPress Sites Are Accessible

WordPress sites are built on simple and accessible technologies. It uses all free licensed server software.  The web pages are in HTML and CSS allowing them to show up on devices such as iPhones, BlackBerrys, Androids, iPads, etc.  It’s also easy for alternative browsers such as text only browsers which are excellent for those with disabilities.

10. Your Site Will Grow With You

Your WordPress site will grow with you over the years.  You can easily upgrade it for new features and security.  You can add a new theme without redoing your whole site.  You can add new plugins for enhanced functionality. WordPress is used by millions of sites, from the simplest little blogs to huge brand names.

Feel free to leave comments as to why you do or don’t love WordPress.

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